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In 2010, Bill formalized his speaking, teaching, and executive development activities. He founded a company known as InsideOut, LLC. The mission statement for the company is: "InsideOut seeks to awaken values, relationships and behavior that brings positive results to individuals, families, businesses and communities."

Target audience for the company includes:

  • Businesses seeking a speaker to encourage and motivate employees for increased effectiveness. In speaking, Bill has a special passion for:
    • helping people understand their strengths;
    • inspiring them to reach their potential;
    • leading people to appreciate the value that each person brings to an organization;
    • encouraging others to see opportunities in every experience.
  • Individuals and companies desiring professional development in areas of interpersonal skills.
  • Companies wanting an awareness of customer attitudes and desiring a plan for increasing customer engagement.
  • Sales managers seeking to improve sales production and sales professionalism.
  • Sales and marketing executives desiring improvement in hiring of productive sales people consistent with the organization's objectives.
  • Civic, religious and business organizations interested in improving self awareness, values clarification and relationship building.
  • Youth, college students, young professionals and organizations of those groups whose objective is to foster personal development. A special focus of this is to identify strengths and weaknesses of an individual and to coach them in playing to their strengths.

Inside Out is about...

  • Holding on to the good in our hearts; there is a lot there
  • Discovering what is inside of us and enjoying our uniqueness
  • Developing what we discover so we will be more effective
  • Encouraging people to have an understanding of themselves and others
  • Improving ourselves individually so that our organizations are better
  • Getting in touch with values that make a difference in the lives we touch
  • Awakening the possibilities of personal growth
  • Realizing that we can only fix what is on the outside by improving what is on the inside
  • Valuing people individually
  • Being positive - even in the most negative circumstances and situations good things happen



"My overall impression of Mr. Dixon's speech at the Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony was that of inspiration and hope. He spoke to us about some personal life lessons he had learned.

He presented these facts of life by telling us about personal experiences instead of the normal clichés people use when discussing life. I genuinely felt he was speaking from the heart and really cared about us as students.

He has this ability to relate to everyone, which really helps his credibility when speaking. You can tell by the way he presents himself humbly that you can trust he isn't going to waste your time, but is really attempting to give you something of value."

Bob Putney, Student
Brock School of Business, Samford University

"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your speech at the awards banquet. Your speech really touched me and I appreciated the words and the conviction that you portrayed in you talk.

My customers vary from mom and pop stores to large chain stores. Each of them has their perception as to what I can offer to help them build their business and your comment about 'sweating the small stuff' is the key.

It helps me meet each of my customers needs everyday."

Danny Stokes, Salesman

"Leaders come packaged many ways. Some leaders are master motivators. Some possess the gift of encouragement. Some ooze charisma and some simply lead by example. For more than 20 years, I've been privileged to receive encouragement, guidance, and real-life leadership lessons from a man who embodies all of these traits -- Bill Dixon.

In the world of motivaltional speakers, Bill separates himself from the pack by walking what he talks.

He truly cares about helping people reach their potential."

Larry Estock, Communications Manager
BCBS of Alabama

"Bill Dixon is a 21st century renaissance man. Highly educated and broadly experienced, Bill is a life-long learner and teacher whose enthusiasm for ideas, leadership and faith put him on par with some of the most impressive people with whom I have ever been privileged to work with.

Whether speaking to a group of corporate executives, leading a session of pastoral ministers, or teaching college students, Bill uses his incredible communication skills, great wisdom, and approachable style to win people over time and time again.

I only wished he lived in Spokane, WA."

Beck A. Taylor, President
Whitworth University, Spokane, WA

"Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to listen to Bill Dixon as he spoke to a group of honor society inductees, along with their families and other assorted guests.

Bill did a marvelous job of addressing issues related to both spiritual and professional development, His comments provided a fitting conclusion to an enjoyable and meaningful occasion."

Stephen T. Jones, PhD, Professor of Economics
Brock School of Business, Samford University